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Morning recovery run

Following a hectic weekend which included a 5k run and 11 miles walking on Sunday. I needed a bit of a slower run. Glad to say I managed to haul myself out of bed into the cold, wet and dark morning. Started pretty well trying to shorten my stride and just take it easy. Very gentle, no mishaps all pretty smooth. Got to the bottom of the hill at the crossroads and on came "Not Giving In" by rudimental. So rather than take the easy, shorter route I turned right and went up a long hill followed by a left and another long hill. Glad I did and finished my run 7.63k in 54 mins.

Take it easy out there

Happy running!

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Nice one GF! Apart from the hills!

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Thanks IP. Feeling good now


Well done you for getting out there :)


Thanks Tomas still walking round the world?


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