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what a difference a (bad) week makes

I’m not saying I’ve cruised through week 1 – 3 but I did keep to schedule. The other week I started on week 4 and failed miserably. I trotted through the first 3 minutes and on the first run I managed the first 5 minutes but then just conked out. I don’t think it was my pace as I’ve learnt to accept I’m ultra slow on week 3.

The day after this epic fail I was struck down with a bug, which wiped me out of energy and motivation for the week. Finally, after I rest I joined my friend at the weekend for a light jog. I really struggled to keep up any kind of stamina.

I know its head game this running lark and I think that my head is not in it, all my confidence in myself has gone. I know what I need to do to improve – join the running club my mate belongs to and finally invest in some decent trainers. But I just feel like I need to complete week 4 before I can think about doing this, and completing week 4 feels like a massive hurdle to me right now. It all feels just too challenging.

I can’t believe what a difference a bad week has made. A fortnight ago I felt strong and motivated.

What can I do to get back there?

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Do you think that possibly your 'epic fail' as you put it was down to your body already harbouring a bug which manifested itself the next day, and as a consequence you have suffered from a massive loss of confidence rather than anything else ? Can you go back to the last run of week 3 which you KNOW you can do and start week 4 again bug free ? You are strong and motivated because you want to get back out there and you weren't to know about the bug...C'mon, you CAN do it...

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Get over yourself, be positive, being ill will make you feel low and so will affect your run. Just start the week again - nothing to it - we all have bad runs often over some weeks just get out there and run. YOU CAN DO IT :D


You were poorly! Don't be so hard on yourself. Dust yourself off, do week 3 again if that boosts your confidence. You WILL achieve it. You just need to be as bloodyminded as you can be. Brush those gremlins away, and get those running shoes! If the club thing helps, that's a good goal to aim for.


Hello, I'm still here. I'm still trying to complete the couch to 5k programme. Since I wrote this post I've been back and forth between week four and five. I'm now on week five. Hoping now I've got Christmas out of the way I can be all 'New Year' motivated and hammer it through the rest of the programme.

Thanks for your support guys!


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