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Finished week 3, got to delay week 4

Hi all,

I managed to finish week 3 last week, all was fine. No injury niggles or anything to report.

However, I had to do the final run on Friday instead of on Thursday as planned. One of my twin boys had to have a small operation on Wednesday, so I was on my own with his brother Wednesday night/Thursday morning so couldn't go out to run.

He is absolutely fine, just can't be left alone or allowed to do his usual crawling/climbing.

It is quite (extremely!) stressful looking after twins when one of them has to be prevented/distracted from pulling at his dressings etc, even when there are 2 of us. It doesn't help that his brother only wants his dad. So if I'm around he won't go to anyone else, not even his mum (lovely in many ways but very wearing at times). So I can't even take over bandage watching duties without a whole lot of screaming and tantrums.

The plan is for the dressings to be removed on Wednesday, which will hopefully mean we'll be back to normal and the little scamp can resume crawling about and wreaking havoc.

I should have started week 4 yesterday but because of all that is going on I decided that I wasn't really going to be able to get out and run until after Wednesday. So I decided to delay starting week 4 until next Sunday and in the meantime, all being well, I'll re-do a week 3 run on Thursday/Friday just to keep me ticking over.

PS - if anyone has experience of twins and has any advice regarding stopping one of them from being jealous / wanting just one parent all the time, I would be very grateful :)

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I'm no help to you there I'm afraid - I found one bad enough, and didn't bother having another one after that experience! Your poor little lad - it must be very frustrating for him. If he were a cat you could put him in one of those big lampshade collars! When my son was a baby, if his dad was in view he didn't want anything to do with me, and had screaming abdabs if daddy went out, even to the loo! It was all rather wearing and, as a mother with PND, it didn't do my psyche much good either. I thought he hated me, and the feeling was in danger of becoming mutual! Anyway, we all survived, and he is a gorgeous tall handsome 15 year old now who makes me proud almost daily, so there you go.

Don't worry about the running. It (and we) will still be there waiting for you when your domestic situation eases up a bit x


Thanks for the reply. Sounds like you had the same trouble with your lad as we do with our little chap. If I'm in the room he only wants me and screams if I go out of the room. The only other person who can get a look in is my Dad. But even then, if I come back in the room he'll want me.

Hopefully he'll grow out of it. He's the less mobile of the two, maybe once he does start crawling it'll be better...*crosses fingers*


He will. My boy still prefers his dad to me; dad is away a lot, and I am the disciplinarian - mean mummy :(. They have lots of shared interests which include a lot of bonding time on the PS3 and computer-y stuff. Actually, it feels like I've got 2 kids most of the time! All that is lovely, and I'm delighted they have such a good relationship. I know I'm loved and cherished by both of them though, and if my son is poorly or sad, I am the preferred comforter, once I've squeezed out of him what the problem is.

Being a parent is the best and worst roller coaster you'll ever go on, isn't it?! I'm not sure I would have survived any more kids - I feel like a spent force most of the time, and I've still got 3 years before he gets launched into the Big Wide World! At which point, of course, I shall be a blubbering wreck.

Enjoy your boys - they sound such a delight.


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