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W7R2...a rest is as good as a change, eh?!

I've been on holiday (whoop for me) and took my 'gear', as I fully intended to run in the lovely Cotswolds! Ooops! It didn't happen. So I spent the week wondering if I should take myself back to week 5, especially as I have found the last few weeks quite hard...and an injury, of sorts, that I picked up in the first few weeks (pains in my thighs on walking and running), was bothering me.

I'm pleased to say, though, that that has now gone (I'd just been running through it and struggling to enjoy most of the run) looks like the rest paid off, as today's 25 minuter was great. I took the plunge and decided to carry on where I'd left off. All woodland tracks, out with my son (22), some hills up and down...just brilliant! I welcomed music back too, having ditched it some weeks ago to help me concentrate on my breathing and snaily pace. Feeling like I will now enjoy the rest of the programme :D

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Welcome back Tiki, wondered where you were ! Hope you had a good break; sounds like a good run today with your big boy- great stuff! Onwards and upwards for you then, well done girly xx


Well that all sounds ticketiboo (not sure if that is how it's spelt tho ...)! Well done!


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