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W4R1 Done... Surprised me the most!

Well, after feeling a bit low about my last run of week 3 I wasn't too optimistic about starting week 4!

I went out this evening and I completed it and yes it was hard going (don't think C25K is meant to easy :-))

My last 30 seconds of my final 5min run were really tough and ended up being up a slight gradient... I just turned around and went down the gradient... I kept running so dont think I cheated :-)

I also tried to reduce my speed as I feel I may be going off too fast and then getting tired. I have read on this forum that some people really do slow things down and I've seen that some people are taking almost 10mins per kilometer... I have recorded my runs and my walking sections are quicker than that and my running sections are about 7-8 min per kilometer. I think running really slow when you are 6' 4" is a bit tricky! I know that for now I just need to complete the "time" and hopefully speed up in the future.

Anyhow... stop rambling and look forward to W4R2 on Thursday.... :-)

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I used to get to a certain hairpin bend on my route and turn round and run back a little bit, then turn again and run towards it so that I got to it in time for a walking interval. Definitely not cheating ;) But a good challenge to work up towards being able to run up, which I managed before the end of the programme :)

Running speed is all relative and if you're tall your stride length will obviously be longer than most of us. Don't worry about numbers - the best way of checking that you are going slowly enough is to see if you can talk. If you can only manage a word or two you're definitely going too fast. Try to run at a speed where you can talk in sentences. If you're not very fit, then this is tricky to achieve, but one day you will work out that it's possible! You'll see some graduates talking about an "easy run." That doesn't mean that the run is easy, but that the pace is one where they can talk - which makes the run easier.

For now, you're right. It's about putting in the time. Speed will come later, but for now just concentrate on getting round in one piece. Enjoy the rest of W4 :)


Well done Andy :D knew you would do it ,great work !! I am 6ft 6 so i know what you mean about running really slowly , luckily for me i seem to have a pace which works :D onwards and upwards Andy :D


It's such a sense of achievement isn't it :-) I'm not worrying about pace. It's stamina (both running and not going into any of the three chip shops I pass ;-) ) at the moment. I carefully time my runs so I don't have to run up the hill home. Keep going xxx


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