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Easy runs -- just how fast/slow???

For those of us who have a 5K run result timewise , use this calculator to see how fast of a pace you should (according to the experts) run an "easy/long" run.

Just select 5k and enter your time , and the first line of the result in minutes per mile or minutes per KLm is what you are looking for.

My fastest 5K has been 32:25 - but to achieve that I am just about vomiting at the end !! -- so I will put 35 minutes into the calculator ( this is still a fast run for me , but not overdoing it) -- the calculator says that I should be doing easy/long runs at around 8:30 per KLm. This does seem to be very slow -- but as I have building up the length of my non-stop runs, and deliberatly running at a conversational pace where my breathing is barely raised at all and I can indeed talk , guess what?? -- my paces have actually matched this very closely - within a few seconds per K. This of course would mean an easy run of 42:30 for a 5K easy run -- something that nobody really wants to do because 5K's are meant to be "fast" :)

It is said that long times spent running at this pace is absolutely necessary to build up a solid aerobic base - faster speed work ie intervals is also necessary later on to develop maximum oxygen uptake by the body. But building the base is supposed to come first!!!

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I did the thing Baz and it gave me a VDOT (whatever that means! It didn't say, or at least I couldn't see it!) of 35

It gave me a predicted time for 10 k of 55 mins 45 seconds (wooh) and a HM time of

2 hrs 3 mins 50 secs, which is better than asics has predicted for me

I was bamboozled by the millions of stats. Crikey!


That is strange. I put in 32 mins for 5k and it came back with 4.51 -5,28/km pace for easy runs, which is surely not right


ah, sussed out where I went wrong. I entered time for 5 miles, not 5k.... haha. Idiot.

Thanks for that link. ~Very useful. Will have a proper play around with it later on.


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