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Wowee x 2

Wowee (1) what a lovely bunch of runners you are, thank you so very much for all your lovely replies to my post yesterday, I feel well blessed by your responses. :)

Wowee (2) or I think it should be Awwee my thigh muscles are as tight as a finely tuned piano, they know they had a run yesterday ;)

No foot pain though and have been out for a walk this afternoon to try and loosen thigh muscles off a bit. It will teach me not to be so lazy on holiday, I just spent 2 weeks in the sunshine and not doing even much walking. I wish these hotel gyms would have rowing machines ;)

Thanks guys and girls and happy running :)

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Aw just seen your previous post- Happy belated birthday! So glad you are out running again, long may that continue and injury free! 2 weeks in the sun sounds good, and holidays are good for lazing. Thanks for the advice re a weighted hoop- am now getting somewhere! x ;-)


I love my weighted hula hoop it's great fun, I go into the garage with some music to use mine


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