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I am a total wuss!

Today was going to be my first Parkrun, but it is raining and not particularly heavy, but I watched the weather report this morning and they said it would be worse by 9.

I know people who run in the rain and I myself have been caught out in the odd shower, but I so wanted my first Parkrun to at least be dry. So I am going to postpone it for a couple of weeks as won' be able to do it next Saturday.

So I will still traipse around my 5K route around the avenues. Have noticed a new running hazard; conkers and their cases!!! I love Autumn and I used to love going out with my boys to collect lovely shiny conkers. We used to line them up everywhere, even arranged a display in my porch, my own tribute to Keats. Now they are both grown up and as a 'runner' I now see conkers in a new light, a potential accident waiting to happen! No more trying to achieve perfect form by looking ahead and not looking at my feet, I need to look down to dodge the blooming things!

Safe running everyone.

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There's always the next Parkrun and yes we were warned about the conkers in ours... Stay conker injury free :)


Don't worry there's one a week. Enjoy the avenues and alleyways ;-)


I think you were wise to postpone. This is supposed to be fun, after all. I know what you mean about conkers - my run takes me past a massive tree where my son and I used to collect them up on the way to the park. Happy memories now blighted by fear of turning my ankle over! I've also noticed that I'm having to go out later in the morning now because all the littlies have gone back to school and I keep having to stop to let small people on scooters go through - not good for my rhythm! I used to get up and go out at 6am, but it's too dark now - boo hoo - not looking forward to winter running very much ...


I went out in drizzle this morning but after 1.5k it turned into full on rain, and I was actually cold, couldn't keep the heat in. So, you were maybe wise. Further to autumnal hazards mentioned above I have to watch out for slugs on the path, sometimes difficult to miss because the are so many as I go through the wooded areas. Not pleasant to slip on at all!


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