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W7R2 - Sore Legs

I've had sore legs for the last couple of runs which meant another tough run but Laura kept me going. Something I do find odd is my calfs are sore when I start running but after 5 minutes of running they ease off, does anybody know why this happens? Maybe they are just enjoying the run ;)

I've got two days rest before I do the last of run of week 7 here's hoping my calfs are felling a bit better :)

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Hey, well done you! :)

I did this run today too - we're doing well :)

Any niggles I have are always at the start of my runs too. Sorry I can't offer any explanation why - it seems counter-intuitive doesn't it? Maybe it's just a bit of stiffness? I know some people do a longer warm-up - perhaps that would make a difference.

Enjoy your rest days before the final 25-minuter


Thanks atomic, a longer warm up may help, they do have to carry a lot :)

We are doing well, and well done you for getting out there tonight. I'll see you on the other side of week 7!


After 6 months, my legs still often feel a bit sore for the first 5 minutes. I think Atomic is right - it's just a bit of stiffness, and once you've fully warmed up with the first bit of the run it disappears by itself.


Thanks Tomas, that explains things. I thought it was an odd phenomenon but these things are always explained :)


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