Got back out there, not easy

So following on from yesterday's "little conscience" post, I did get out there and did Run 1 Week 1 again.

How I have missed Laura and that feeling of accomplishment by actually doing what I set out to do.

So rest today and Run 2 tomorrow.

I will never understand why I dig my heels in and get grumpy about doing something I really end up enjoying once I'm doing it. I am fitter this time round, after all the trekking I've been doing and this has added to the enjoyment.

So odd, most of the battle is getting out that front door!

2 Replies

  • A lot of it is in the head but the rewards are great, feeling fitter, not getting out of breath and just feeling better about yourself, it's all worth it.

  • Ain't that the truth! Worth the effort thought. Glad to have you back in the fold x

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