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My first 15k

Having last run on Saturday at my local parkrun, I couldn't run on either Monday or Tuesday because of a piece of glass stuck in the ball of my foot (although we didn't know this until DH finally got it out and I had yodelled for all the neighbours).

So, last night I told DH that I was going out, but didn't know how far - I would see how I felt and take it from there.

Initially I didn't feel good, so thought I would be lucky to get to 5k but found my route taking me further from home, and on my 5th km I started my game - finding the alphabet in order from the registration numbers of cars parked / driving passed me. That took me to my 9th km (no I or Q regs) so I went onto numerals 0 to 14) and found I had covered 11km by then. As the light was fading, I thought I'd try the alphabet again, and finished that in my 14th km, and although I was really faltering by them (my feet were barely leaving the ground - I was doing some kind of speed walk), I managed to find some hidden reserve and carried on to finish 15km.

I had half a moment where I thought I would try to get to 16.1km (for the 10 mile) but decided that as 13km had been my previous longest distance I really should pat myself on the back and revel in my achievement of actually doing 15km in 1h40m (those last few km were well into the 7 min a km pace).

I walked the last 6 minutes home, had milk, tea, water, coke and lemonade to drink, some pizza and a peanut butter / banana sandwich, a hot bath, 2 paracetermol and 1 anti-inflammatory and climbed into my bed (to sew my dd ballet shoes), and although it took over 2 hours I finally fell into a blissful sleep.

And today, I feel good !!!!

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That sounds epic - not only the run but the list of drinks, food and medication afterwards! :)

Am interested to hear about your alphabet game, sounds like a good way to occupy the mind on longer runs.


Fantastic! I did my first run of that sort of length last weekend and was really elated afterwards. Your post-run comestibles sound much more sensible than mine though. How are your legs feeling this morning?


Wow ZZ - impressive distance! The running gods must have been smiling on you.


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