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Leave Laura for a day or two??

Hi All,

I've been lurking in the background for a few weeks and thought it was time to say hello. :-)

I've struggled (like a lot of people) to go from couch to completing my W2R2 at the weekend. I do like running with "Laura" as I get instructions and guidance but I am considering going out on a few runs without her :-( just so that I can decide how long I run and walk for. I will still be working my way through the C25K on other days.

Does anyone else do this??? I tend to think that whether I am religiously following the C25K plan or not I am still huffing and puffing and doing my body some good!



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You will definitely still being doing your body some good, regardless of whether you stick with Laura or not, Andy. I was in such a bad shape that I had to start by only walking for two months before even attempting w1r1, so I think I know where you're coming from.

With that in mind... sure, go right ahead and do that. You want this to be fun and manageable - tough, maybe, but not so tough that you can't do it. And if some extra non-guided runs is what it takes, than that's the right thing for you.

Happy training!

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Hi and welcome to the forum!

The programme is cleverly structured to gradually build you up from a standing (or should that be sitting?) start to being able to run for 30 minutes and works in a slow and gradual way that increases body strength and fitness while aiming to avoid injuries.

If you just run the same times/rest the same times then I am sure you will be fine, but I am not sure what the benefit of NOT using the podcasts would be(?)

If you are just going to do what you want and ignore the structure, then why use the podcast at all?

If you stray away from the programme and run for further than the podcast suggests then you may potentially do more damage to yourself, have to take a break and may not get to the final objective.

Some people don't follow the programme and are fortunate enough not to get injured, but personally I would not risk it. Go slow and very gradual if you do!

If the issue you are struggling with is the programme going too fast for you, then just slow it right down and virtually jog on the spot, take more than 3 runs to complete each week - it doesn't matter - just don't overdo it!


I took your advice and ignored my idea and I took Laura out tonight and i'm now happy to say that W2R3 is completed... so here comes Week 3. :-)

I did slow things down a bit and tried to run a bit slower which is a bit difficult sometimes when you're 6'4". I also took another route which has a gentle downhill gradient for the final runs which helped as well. All in all I was very happy with the run tonight.


Well done - I'm a big believer in the structure of the program until you graduate as it's so well designed to build you up at the perfect rate.

Good luck :)


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