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Jack Daniels - NO! - not the whiskey!

Jack Daniels - the running coach

I have gotten hold of his book "Daniel's Running Formula" - all 1452 pages of it . It is DEEP and highly involved (for some, read "technical") - but well worth a read. It would have to be a "MUST" for anybody serious about racing -- but what I like about is is the Chapter he has for "Running for Fitness" with 4 programs. He has White ( for very beginners) , Red (maybe for C25k Graduates) , Blue and Gold. These programmes also indicate training paces for various activities -- Threshold training, Intervals etc - commensurate with someone's individual fitness level ( which is in turn determined by the time of a recent race or trial run.)

I have found two websites that have calculators that calculate training paces - a simple one and a very advanced one ( which I guess is for more serious runners) .

Daniels data and running formula only caters for runners with a 5K time faster than 30 minutes -- but these calculators have extrapolated his data to account for slower runners - hence I get sensible training pace recommendations for a 35 minute 5K ( even though I have actually run 5K at 32:25, I choose to use 35:00 with the calculator as I am really only running for fitness, not to break PB times. )

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Thanks Baz. Lots of info there! I'm using asics as my race calculator at the minute. I'd have no idea what to do if it wasn't for these things.


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