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Well, W9R1 Completed and found it quite hard for the first 5 minutes but then kept going and my breathing seemed better by 10 minutes in and I ran 40 minutes in all and 5.10 K (not including the walk) so a happy bunny.

I didn't listen to Laura today and had an old aerobic list on, but think I will join her again on Saturday :)

This programme is great!


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That sounds like week 9 run 1 well and truly done, and some, well done...!

I also find the first 10 mins the hardest. After that I feel I've invested enough that quitting would be a waste!

Enjoy the rest of this last week...nearly there!


Thanks SusieBoots, I will.

I cannot believe I am running 40 minutes :) in the past, I have ran maybe 20-25 but hated every minute. I am not quite loving it yet, but really want to run and feel great after so half the battle I think.

Thank you for your reply.



Wow, you are doing brilliantly, running for 40 minutes already, it seems you're already an accomplished graduate, well done!!!


Thank you MarlyParly,

I did my W9R3 today so graduated - yeah! but only had JUST 30 minutes in me today. I found it very hard but drank too much Saturday (and then ate rubbish) so probably still recovering from that, but on the whole, I AM a happy bunny! Thank you again x


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