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First post!

Hi everyone

I have been lurking on here for a while, thought it was time to join the chat! I came to the C25K a bit late, part way through my latest attempt to get into running. I used the programme patchily, cobbled together with my own plan, but have managed to reach my immediate goal of being able to run 5k, which I did last Sunday. I am so pleased to get this far, it's been hard work. Am going to do my local Park Run on Saturday - eek!

Although I haven't really used the programme, I have found the comments on here really encouraging and helpful. What I am wondering is where to go from here, so I am really interested to hear what you graduates have to say. I want to keep running (I have always given up in the past), I want to avoid injury as much as possible (twinge-y calf muscles are a problem) and I am trying to work out how to keep up my running through the dark winter nights...

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Hi there and Welcome to the forum. The best way to avoid injury is to not increase your times and distances too much too soon. If you look online the best estimate is the 10% rule. There are also the speed and stamina stepping stone podcasts as well. I am a big fan of the speed one personally. Happy running.


Thanks, I will have a look at the podcasts. I do think I am guilty of increasing too quickly....


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