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Well i think i might have taken a first real step in running. I want next year to do the Tynedale 10 K and then hopefully the great north run in September. Its quite a big step i think. I like to have a goal and something to motivate me. The great north run is surprising popular event. The mo did it in 1hr dead. I was totally amazed. Now i don't want to be like mo. The amount of work he has to put in and the pressure to win must be immense. I looked at some of the people's times that i know. One of my old school friends did it in 1 hr 37 mins again fantastic, another work colleague did it last year in just over 2 hours.

I don't really want to get a fantastic time I think I'd be pleased just to complete both runs. I thought i'd do an experiment tonight. i'd just walk the full 5 k and see how my time compares to what i normally do when running all the way. It wasn't that much difference although I did do a couple of k running. I just could not resist.

What i'm really saying is that i know that there is lots of room for improvement and i'm quite looking forward to it and i hope to make those improvements in time for the above events and have some fun doing it!

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Go for it! I went from graduate to running the GNR in just less than 9 months, time 3:03:00, not quick but I did it :) I've decided once was enough but I'd encourage anyone to give it a go once at least to say you've done it. Fingers crossed for a place for you and good luck with the training!


Great to have a goal, go for it! Good luck


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