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Week 8 for the second time!

3 months back I had reached week 8 and started experiencing severe stomach aches after every run. I got it checked and many people might not know the meaning of this but my navel was displaced internally. For a month I did not exercise, used preventive measures and about 2 months back got back to running. I am on week 8 again. And am again experiencing a little pain! Hoping God will give me strength to complete this and keep up with my running!

Pray for me!!

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Yikes, sounds very unpleasant! Well done for getting back to it, I'm sure many wouldn't have. Sorry, can't pray for you, but do send best wishes that things go well this time. Take care of yourself though, there are plenty of other ways of exercising if you find that running is not for you.


Ouch that sounds painful! Good on you for getting back to week 8 tho!


My goodness me! I never heard of such a thing. Was that purely down to running then?

I hope you will soon be completely healed!


I hope not. I have come to love running and I dont want to give it up but yes, it is one of the reasons.. :(


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