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First 10k! Vid!

Have been lurking for quite a while, following others' amazing progress and chipping in very occasionally, but today I have two things to contribute/share!

Firstly, I completed my first ever 10k last night - almost by accident! Since graduation way back in March i have been taking it pretty slow, but I eventually started the Runkeeper "Run for Fat Loss" programme after a few false starts, and yesterday was my first 60min run. I really wasn't feeling it, and Oh man, the couch and biscuits were calling, but I dragged myself out afer work into the evening sunshine, and yeah it was good! 60 mins plus 10 mins walk got me just over the 10k mark - wow! I'm still running in miles (although am seriously consdering switching to Km and screwing up all my spreadsheets!?) so had to do the maths to work it out - almost harder than the run!

Well, I guess I'd better make it official and sign up for a race now! Eek

And having started looing for potential races today, I was led to this -

Bit of a giggle! Enjoy!

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Brilliant , oooh 10k - one day I hope :)


A great achievement - well done. I still work in miles too so you are not the only one and pounds and ounces and sometimes I even go back to shillings - Oh dear, think I should stop now!!


Oh well done - still just a distant aspiration for me!


Wow, congratulations gnimia. That's a wonderful mile stone (km stone???), and you most certainly should feel proud of your achievement!


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