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W4R3 tomorrow

I'm hoping to complete W4R3 tomorrow and have downloaded the podcast onto my iPod instead of using the app on my iphone as I'm sure the timing were out and I don't fancy running any longer than I need to ;)

I have to say the thought of W5 is a bit scary but I do like the fact that it is less actual runs (3 instead of 4) which are slightly longer, Thinking back to W1, even though they were only 60 second runs the fact that there were eight of them was the hardest thing for me. Still can't quite believe that I have manged to get this far.

One thing I am struggling with is the fact that in the the four weeks I've gained four pounds, I know that this is probably water retention in the muscle but it is disheartening all the same. hopefully I will start to return to normal once my body gets used to this new regime.

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Hi - glad you've ditched the app the timings were out def. I too gained a couple of pounds at the start - it's been 10 weeks now for me and a total of 3lb lost - so I feel your frustration ! Still , def. fitter and def. more toned.

Chin up and persevere :)

Happy running !


I put on a little weight at the beginning and haven't really lost much (about 4 pounds in all) , but do feel fitter and stronger as well as more toned. (I have an underactive thyroid which makes losing weight difficult too)

you will be ok with week 5 just slow it down if you are struggling and don't let the mind gremlins get to you!

good luck and happy running


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