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Forgetting to run and meeting foxes

I keep running into the problem of forgetting to go running on Monday evening and usually have to shift my runs to Tuesday. This could become a greater problem in September when I have to go back to school. Should I be setting a reminder or going running earlier in the evening?

Still, I managed to get through W8 R2 even after having to sprint away from two foxes chasing each other.

Two wishes would be: whilst I am pacing myself I feel like i'm going too slow. Should keep running slow to graduate or should I run a little faster?

Also I need a good pair of running earphones because my ones keep falling out. And its very annoying! Any recommendations?

Other than that no problems and and feeling hopeful about graduation. :D

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I am super slow too. I figured I'll keep plodding to graduate, and then see if I can gradually speed things up a bit. Must be careful of my knees though!


Wow week 8 - you must have remembered to go for a run a few times on a Monday to get this far :) Why not set yourself an alarm in your phone or something to remind you to go for a run so that if the hectic day starts overtaking you, you have a reminder to take some time out to go for your run? I run early morning and set my alarm an hour earlier on those days which is kinda the same thing.

As for your earphones dilemma, I run without any these days however when I was listening to the C25K I had the same problem and read on here a very simple tip of threading your earphone cord down your top so that there is not much loose cord. It helped me.

Enjoy your runs :)

PS as for speed, just go at a pace that suits you and is easy to maintain. You have an entire running life in front of you to get faster as your stamina and strength increases naturally.

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Slow is good! Concentrate on doing the time and the speed and distance will come later! Well,done - only 4 more runs to graduate.


Oh please stay slow and steady. It's folks going to fast or over-striding that gets them crocked! Erm one or two on here know that from bitter experience, mentioning no names. LOL

I see a fox when I'm running sometimes. An old un and he just gives me a glance for a second and then slopes off.


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