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First proper run in the dark

Summer made a re-appearance here yesterday, scuppering my plan for an afternoon run. So I figured I'd go out in the evening. What with one thing and another we only had our evening meal at around 8pm, and I wanted to wait a couple of hours. This meant I headed out for a run at 10pm and in full darkness (I guess the nights are drawing in !) I've done a few runs after 9pm in the dusk, but that was back in early July, so the full darkness was kind of a surprise.

For safetly precautions I wore my most flourescent top, took my phone and told my hubby where I was going and when I'd be back. (He did offer to come with me, but with no great enthusiasm so I said he didn't have to) I also decided on a route that was a round trip on a well lit main road with lots of houses and a fair number of late opening fast food outlets (decided that if anything bothered me I could duck into a kebab shop and phone to be fetched). In fact that side of things was fine - there will still plenty of folk out and about (doggy walkers, kids out, cyclists, not to mention folk sitting in their open windows to catch a breeze).

Good things about running that late:

* Not too many cars about, so didn't feel I was breathing in exhaust fumes

* cool enough to run - really couldn't have done it earlier in the day

* dinner more or less digested

* good way of clearing my head at the end of the day

* straight into pjs after shower when I got home

Less good things:

* Safety constrained my route. I ran mostly on the cycle paths (better visibility, fewer roots to trip over) but this was quite hard on my knees. Our local park has nice running paths, but I would't go there after dark (dealers and mozzies move in around sunset)

* I did get more of a stitch than usual, so 2 hours after a meal was probably a little snug for timing

* Ended up staying up too late as I wasn't ready to go to sleep straight afterwards

* Hair obviously wasn't completely dry when I went to bed, so its kind of sticky-up today !

Overall definately do-able though, and will no doubt be done again from time to time. I did STAMINA and although my pace was slow I actually managed the negative splits - so pleased with that.

happy running everyone

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Very interesting post, as I have this to look forward to soon as well soon. My problem is I live in the sticks, so have absolutely no street lights at all. I will therefore have to use a head torch or something to light the way which is quite worrying...

I am a bit 'awkward' at the best of times, so will fall over something even if it isn't there!


In one of the follow-on podcasts Laura talks about trying to look about 10 paces ahead, rather than at the ground. As someone who regularly trips over her own feet, I'm working on this and it definately helps !


Well done for getting out there, that is dedication running at 10pm at night!!! Especially after dinner too that is a tough one.

I have never thought about running at night time / in the dark. When i get back to the UK this is something i am going to have to get over. I guess it will mean running into the town as out in the country a bit - oh well have a few years to worry about that yet.


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