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W7R2 Completed

Another one done and no worries about it this morning, I thought to myself that I have done 25 minutes twice now so lets just go and enjoy it. Calf was ok this morning, I tried some stretching of the calf muscles before and after and all ok. Got into my stride quickly this morning and the run felt good, 3.45k completed and stepped it up over the last 2 minutes, probably did more than 25 minutes, I started whilst Laura was still talking after the 5 minute warm-up and carried on for another minute at the end, one more for week 7 and then week 8 to look forward to. Still on the treadmill.

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Well done. Take care and you'll graduate in style

You will have to leave the dreadmill at some point. It's lovely out there. Try it soon!

Good luck


Dreadmill, like it, laughing lots!!


Well done Paul.

You should try to get yourself outside while the weather is still half decent! It seems to be winter for 10 months per year nowadays!

My balance is too bad to run on treadmills (problems with inner ears), which is a great thing as far as I am concerned as it forces me to get out and about......


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