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I am supposed to be doing my 3rd run tonight with my running buddy but I have immense back pain and I still have work this evening. I wonder if I will be getting this pain after every run as it is from an old injury.. How do you cope with injuries? I don't want to end up giving up!! Is it wise to go along with my buddy and do walking instead of running? I don't want to hold him back either! I have also been suffering with pain in my thighs.. Has anyone had this and is there a stretch before or after that will help ease it?

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Sorry to hear your in pain. There is a couple of stretches you can do for back pain and for thigh pain.

1. Stretch for thigh is stand on right leg put both arms around your knee on your left leg and pull it up towards your chest and hold for 15 seconds repeat opposite leg.

2. Stretches for your back find a flat wall put your arms out on the wall above you head, put your right leg bent in front and your leg straight behind your bum. Push down with your body weight this will stretch muscles out through your back down to your feet ;-)

It's hard to explain in text but hope this helps ;-)


If you have a look around the Couch to 5K website you will find lots of advice for new runners. I found this which might help your niggles I suffered with hip and back pain when i started and I started doing pilates again after a break from it and it really helped. You may also need to wear some sort of support to help with the old injuries. I have a knee support I wear for a right knee problem and it has never affected my running. Good luck and I hope the niggles disappear as you get fitter.


Thank you both for your tips! I had decided I was going to walk it this evening but now I am ready to run again after reading the fitness link, thanks again Nellyharte! I will try the stretches and get myself some better shoes as I think this may be adding to the problem. Looking forward to week 2 :)


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