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Week 7 Run 1 Completed

Just finished it, was a bit of a grind, probably the excess of Sunday and Monday being really lazy. I was looking forward to it and after 5 minutes of running I got in to a good rhythm and got through it, pink sippy cup is still in hand but sweat dripping in my eyes put me off a couple of times, time for a John McEnroe style sweat band! Slight twinge in the last couple of minutes in my left calf, have to see how that goes, feels ok now, same distance, 3.4k. Feeling good about it!

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I bought a wrist band so I can mop my brow, but a big hankie is just as good

Yeah this over-indulging will bite you in the ass! You have to clean up your act for this running malarky. You'll feel much more energised if you do

Keep going nice and slowly, steady as you go and you'll be at Graduation in no time.

Good luck for the next run


My wife goes yuk with the wet hankie and I found that if I stopped my rhythm to wipe the sweat it took me another minute to get back in to stride, just getting used to it. I am realising that running is not the end of it and that I need to think about what I eat and drink as well, 8 runs to graduation, calf still a bit sore but last time that happened it just took a couple of days to heal.


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