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W7R1... check :-)

Hi, well I braved our local parkrun for my W7R1 on Saturday morning! Surprisingly I managed to complete it and jogged the whole 5k, albeit at a slow pace (47 minutes!!!!) a little disappointing, however, I am not disheartened because pre C25K, I could not even run for 1 minute without gasping for breath. The atmosphere was brilliant and I am definitely going to do this regularly with a view to improve my time. I will complete C25K and then work on increasing both distance and time, onwards..... :-)

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Well done ! That's amazing,what incredible progress you've made.


Don't be downhearted. You ran it!!!!! What's disappointing about that ey. Whoop whoop! You did a Parkrun!!! That's amazing right there!

You will improve on those times and distances but you progress steadily and safely. You don't want to be on the injury couch no siree bob! That's the worst place to end up as you get so frustrated it does your head in. So slow, careful development and you will chip away at those times

You won't be able to resist the next Parkrun as you will want to try and improve on the time. It gets addictive.


Considering you haven't completed the programme yet, I am seriously impressed! Well done! The parkruns sound really good. I have two not too far away from me so at some point I will attempt one....


Thank you :-)


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