Just can't seem to get past 25 min mark...... Perhaps it is mental but I have been doing it for the last few weeks and just don't feel that I have cracked it comfortably enough to move on. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks


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  • Keep it up at that length - until you do feel able to continue onwards. Run 25 minutes several times over if need be -- until you feel ready to move on.

  • Why not just have a crack at doing that extra 3 minutes - you might surprise yourself! The next few weeks are all about consolidating your runs and you will naturally get stronger with each repetition.

    Just remember that 25 minutes running non- stop seemed like an impossible dream a few weeks ago. You've done so well!

    Good luck.

  • Thanks. Maybe I just need to try, although another 3 mins seems impossible to me now!! Think I am panicking as I signed up for a 10k in November to try and keep myself motivated. Worried I won't be there by then as 5k seems so hard right now!!

  • REMEMBER - you do NOT have to run these races non-stop. On that understanding, you could complete a 10K right now. If it is something that you want to do (run non-stop) then do it by all means - for me , after running a 14K "race" 2weeks ago, I have now realised fully that the concept of "run when I feel like it and walk when I feel like it" is the way for me to go :) I mostly ran that race, but walking whenever I got the mind to allowed me to finish it quite easily in a time that I was happy with.

  • The beauty of this programme is that you can adapt it to meet your own needs. So by all means, keep at 25 minutes until you feel confident. Or stick one more minute on and make it 26. Or have a go at 28.

    At the same time, being able to keep repeating or adapt the programme to suit yourself may mean that you get stuck and don't try to move on.

    So why not trust Laura and give it a go? What's the worst that could happen? Maybe you set off too fast and can't do the whole 28 minutes. But you'll never know unless you try, and I'm sure a few weeks ago you would have thought 25 minutes impossible.

    Slow down, maybe find a new route or do your normal one the other way round and make your own decision about what to try on your next run. We'll still be here whatever happens :)

  • Try going slower. At the moment you are aiming for time not distance. When you achieve 30 mins you can then start to think about distance and maybe going faster.

    Also repeating weeks can help if it is a bit tough but keep going.

  • If you move on to the next week, at least you'll have some new music to listen to! I seem to remember finding week 8 music very inspiring for those last few minutes, very trancey, I felt like a train moving along. Give it a go, the worst that can happen is you don't go longer, that best is that you might!

  • I graduated in March (and have subsequently gone up to 13km) but still find 5km runs hard - primarily because it is a short run (for me) and I tend to run faster (or as fast as I can if it parkrun).

    Try slowing down or changing / reversing your route :)

  • Oh I felt like that too with Week 7.. the last minute especially felt so awful I thought I'd never be able to do the three extra minutes to move on to Week 8. But for me it was all in the head and it was the last minute alert from Laura that used to demoralise me so much.. my legs would suddenly feel like lead and I'd be literally dragging myself along. So what I did was I cheated my head: when Laura said "5 minutes to go" I told myself I still had 10 minutes.. and when she said "1 minute to go" I pretended I had another 5 minutes. I know it sounds a bit barmy, but if I thought I had to keep going for longer I relaxed more and my body+head believed I could go further and that I had to go further! Does that make any sense? Well, it worked for me.. and I still use that method! Also, if at any time I feel like stopping and I can't go on, I just slow down a bit until my breathing regulates itself again. So I'd say have a go at the 28, because if you're mind knows that's what the challenge is, your mind and body will probably be up for it - and yes, as other people have said, you can always stop at 25, 26 or 27 if you don't feel you can make it!

    Good luck!

  • Haha!! Yes it does, it is the last few mins that kill me, especially when she says try to do the last minute faster.....!!! Thanks for the advice x

  • I was a bit stuck like you, running circular routes round my home and ducking out and going home at about the 30 min mark. I solved it by running linear route to work where I had to keep going to get to work and that much longer route 10k, some walked and some run gave me much more confidence. Can you shake yours up a bit ?

  • Thanks for your advice exerybody, you are all really inspiring. Will try a few of these things. I will shake up my route, listen to week 8 and just go for it, like you say, what is the worse that can happen........... Watch this space!! X

  • I wouldn't worry about it. I now run with JogScotland twice a week. Although our runs last approx. 40-50 minutes we stop at traffic lights, to wait for traffic to clear before crossing minor roads, to wait for other, slower runners, to catch up so we don't run constantly non-stop. Even a 30 seconds stop can give you a chance to catch your breath and it makes all the difference. You are doing really well running for 25 minutes non-stop but at the end of the day it isn't essential to do so!

  • Oh, and you get to meet Julie too! Who wouldn't want to do that asap?

  • Who is Julie?!!

  • Who is Julie? Who is Julie????? Well, if you don't know then you just have to go for week 8 to find out

    Once Julie gets inside your brain she won't ever leave. "Truly, I've had enough of you and Julie", tra la la.

    Nothing hurting by giving it a go. You'll enjoy it. Just take your time, slowwwwwwwwwwwwwly does it. Let us know how you get on

  • Why not try to do just one extra minute at a time?

  • That's a good idea !

  • I have just bought some new running shoes too after some advice from a friend. I have been having leg pain which has been putting me off, let's hope it helps. One minute at a time.... Every little bit counts!!

  • Who is Julie "I don't really care"... tra la la, you really have to brave week 8 to find out now...just imagine how good you'll feel if you do another minute, or two, or- even all three!

  • I'm reading your post and smiling to myself because I'm feeling exactly the same as you...and that's even after graduating once previously and I'm re-doing the C25K again from WK6(due to illness) I seemed to lose motivation and went down hill. I deffo know who Julie is...heard her alot and she is now one of my favourite songs. The way I see it is....if you've made it this far then you can certainly make it to the next just need to give it time..I am..again...taking it easy,step by step, week by week ...good luck. :-)

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