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Week 3 done - and finding my stride :)

Evening fellow runners!

Working a night-shift tonight but I managed to squeeze in my W3R3 today and all went well.

I felt smashing at the end of week 2 and fortunately week 3 has been great as I'd hoped. I've learned to be better at pacing myself and have managed the 3-minute runs with relative ease. For the first time in the program I'm not fearing the next week (which will probably mean I'll have a hard time of it!)

Although I can't run at the same times or days every week due to my shifts I am getting good at fitting the runs in and am settling into the routine and am really beginning to enjoy myself. I know, I know, you warned me it would be addictive!! :)

Happy running to everyone

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Ah what a great post , lovely to hear your enthusiasm :)

Happy running to you too :)


Wow, well done atomic. Good to hear you are enjoying it. ;-)


Enjoying the runs is music to my ears. If you enjoy them then you'll want to keep turning out. Just take care, go steady and don't get ahead of yourself. We don't want you running too fast and hurting yourself.

Take care and you'll soon be at Graduation. Have fun!


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