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Life is good

So lovely daughter and I went for our W3R1 early this morning. Shorter route as LD was finding it all a bit much! I keep reminding her of how good we feel when we get back. I'm feeling a lot more energised even when I was working on my allotment in the rain later this morning. My muscles in my legs feeling the jogging which in a funny way also makes me feel good. Upshot is I'm feeling life is good. S B x

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What a lovely post. Made me smile. My son came with me today on his bike and it was great to be out together.


It is indeed and we are so lucky to be out there making the most of it. Good luck to your daughter.


Well done you two! Keep at it and tell her to stick with it! Its all very much worth it I promise you. After week 3 you'll find your really achieving something great. When I started out on this journey I couldn't have run 100 foot without wanting to sit down. I graduated about 3weeks ago and now run anywhere between 4 & 5 miles at a time :-) its very much achievable just stick to the plan! You can do it.


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