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Week 2 (actually Week 3!)

Well I repeated week 1 as I have come from below couch level! I am so pleased though that after repeating week 1 I managed week 2 run 1 ok. After previous experience I slowed it down from start. I certainly felt those extra 30 seconds in the first 2 runs as I was going uphill. Still very encouraged that I have got this far after wondering if running could be for me. Scared by the fact it jumps to 3 mins next week. Think my nickname may become "The Repeater"!!!!!

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I love the idea that you have crawled out from under the couch :-) well, you're out now so it's onwards and upwards. No need to repeat unless you haven't managed to complete a run. Trust in the programme. Good luck


Nothing to be scared of! Laura doesn't run after you with a big stick; though we all might if you duck out!! Give week 3 a go. You just might be surprised :)


Yes have a go! The runs are longer but there are fewer of them!


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