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Week 8 run 3 on treadmill

Wanted to try a treadmill run today as all my previous runs have been outside. I must say it was far easier indoors. Not sure if I run faster outside.?? I was doing 3.7 miles per hour on the treadmill. Felt I could have gone on for much, much longer. Also did 50 laps of the pool after, sauna, jacuzzi etc. A great refreshing start to the day. Hope everyone has a great bank holiday x

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Oooh, 28 mins running + swimming! Very impressed and gasping for breath at the thought! Might have been able to struggle from run to sauna though, what a lovely thought.


Nice work! Run, then sauna, then a hot tub and then a swim... sounds pretty perfect to me!

I have only run on a treadmill once (in Las Vegas - oo-lah-lah!)... I found it easier impact wise but also more challenging as the pace was constant (ie. I couldn't slow down/speed up myself)...

Have a great BH Monday... :)


Hi MancBird - I'm now doing all my running on a treadmill as I find it easy to set a pace I can stick to. I bombed out of external running at week 6 as I just couldn't keep up the longer runs outside - obviously set off too fast and then couldn't slow down ... only walk ;) At least on the treadmill, I know how fast I'm going! Impressed that not only did you manage 28 minutes of running, but then manage 50 laps swimming ..... go girl!!!!!!!



Cheers but I am really not that good lol!!! Think I just wing it every time ;-) x


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