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Spa = far!!!

Spa = far!!!

Cor blimey! I kind of failed on this route but i've not binned the idea, i'll just try again later ....

It is sooooo hot and humid i thought i'd go after dark, last night rather than this morning ... with reflective armband, waist band - i did 3.7kms of the main body of the route without the doglegs (it's 7km really) and i swear the cars were driving AT me on purpose - very scary, mission postponed for now!

Walked the route out with the dog though so hopefully haven't jinxed Fernando for today! :-)

Cool Runnings everybody ...

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Yay another F1 route in time for the Grand Prix later! :D and it's on council tv ;) (sometimes I think there must be benefits to having sky but I don't think I'd watch it enough to justify the price :) )


The thing is Lovefood that now i've started i'm afraid to stop in case i make FA's season even worse than it already is!!! Only 7 left ....

I really love the BBC coverage, it's so much more entertaining than Sky, but i have to watch the race in a pub/bar somewhere cos i'm not in Uk so couldn't get it any other way - it's always Sky .... i miss Eddie Jordon he's sooooo controversial!

No idea how much Sky costs but i think if i had it i'd probably never step outside, what with all the sport, the films, whatever else they have!

See you @ Monza :-)


Today was another fab race, no big smashes but oh my I wouldn't be surprised if Hamilton murdered Rosberg! Not a fan of FA but you can see how poor the car is on the straights so he had a hard job today, nail biting in the last few laps for him. Looking forward to your replication of Monza :)


Cloaks, daggers and pistols drawn at dawn ..... the saga continues!

Two weeks and it'll be al Italia time ... cor i am SO going to Monza before i kick my bucket!!!


Good one! Excellent Spa shape as well :) I have never run in the dark, it must be quite disorientating and scary. I do envy you still being in hot weather, it is feeling rather Autumnal around us now.


Thank you BF! I got Eau Rouge (it's even on an uphill!) and the Kemmel Straight but couldn't get the sweep in the right direction for Blanchimont! Hey ho! What a race - again! Have you seen it already today? Not stuck at work again? FanTastic!

Running in the dark was a pleasant change, temperature and fresh air-wise but i swear the cars were deliberately trying to wrap me round their wing mirrors - i have never thought of myself as a scaredy-cat but i had to call it a day as i was sure i would end up flattened ... hideous!

Honestly, be careful what you wish for, this hot weather is so hot it's hard to breathe - it's so humid and dusty half the town has pneumonia most of the summer! Not gorgeous fresh English summery elderflower weather by any stretch of the imagination!

Monza looks like a great big boomerang - that'll be fun! :-)


Your F1 track replications are excellent! That one is particularly formidable! It does sound a bit daunting in the dark, but well done for giving it a go, and of course, cool runnings to you. Always. :-)


Thanks M_Y ... only 7 more then the season's over for this year boo hooooo :-(

How will i map out Suzuka, Japan - the one with the tunnel????? It's a right squiggly mess! MapMyRun sent me an email telling me they are running a route art competition - quite incredible pictures had been "drawn" .... pretty nightmarish to try to run tho i'd imagine ... at least mine are pleasant to run (unless you're being mown down at the side of the road by the locals after sunset of course!)

I'm planning on "doing" my Spa tonight in its entirety however, regardless! Thinking i might carry a halogen spot to blind them like rabbits if they try to run me over!

Have yourself a great running week :-)