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I have learnt that picking up your feet helps while running - i am a slow learner

I just thought i would share my new found love for the graduate podcasts - i tried the speed one through recommendations here (runningnearbeirut et al.) I just wanted to say the speed thing was a shock to my system and found it hard but good. This week i did the stamina podcast and i also loved it, what i love is laura is back. However i didn't manage to finish the podcast as i really wanted to do 5km in 31minutes, when i did 5km i was over by 27seconds so got in a huff.

I was finding the first 3/4km of every run hard and i now know why - i am not picking up my feet. I am bit slow but actually by doing the podcasts this has helped me and got my time down. Plus enjoyed doing something different on my runs.

On Monday i did 8km in 54minutes - so i am going to try a longer run again on saturday because i feel well rested at the moment and this time i am going to take the audiofuel podcast i downloaded to see if this helps me. Aiming to do anything between 5-8km. I still feel like a baby runner needing help!! Just running i feel like i am not improving just adding distance. So thought i would give this audio fuel podcast ago (expensive) but i feel like the coaching will help.

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Which podcast have you downloaded please. I keep thinking about getting one of them but I'm a bit 'beat challenged' never know if I'm on it or not with the c25k+ ones and spend my time counting 1234.

I like the speed podcast and have started doing it twice back to back - hard, especially the first time, but do-able.


Well i was optimistic and downloaded free run 1 the first hour from iTunes - i thought getting the pack was a bit too much, i just plan to listen and do as much as i can then slowly build up. I find the podcast 5KM+ have helped me so hoping the longer one will help me and my 10km aim


Next time you go running, try this ---- firstly, completely forget about your feet and what they are or are not doing. Then think/concentrate on what your knees are doing - swing your knees from your hips, and DRIVE them forward. To swing your knees and drive them forward, you will have to naturally lift them a little. Do this for a while and you will find that your feet follow through naturally. THEN- as you are thinking about your knees and driving them uppish and forward - also think about what your heels are doing . They should be coming upwards and backwards slightly in time with the motion of your knees. This combined motion of knees and heels creates a kind of rotary movement which carries your body along -- recall the cartoons of the Coyote and the Roadrunner bird - remember how the birds feet revolved and propelled him along the road?? :)

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Oh i use to love road runner - i wish i was roadrunner. Thank you for the advice - i have learnt there is so much running that i need to learn about. I really want to be one of those people who glide along. So i am willing to give anything ago - right focus on the knees !!


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