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Nearly there!!!

Well just one run to go and I graduate (a little later than I expected because of unexpected illness and nearly being attacked by farmers dogs on a public footpath!) However, I just wanted a bit of advice from all you wonderful people on the forum. I was debating on getting some green lipped mussel tablets (for joint pain) and I wondered if other people use them or what vitamins do other people use? I'm worried about the wear and tear on my joints and muscles. Also, I'm a veggie (but I do eat fish.)

Thanks :-)

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Hmmmm.... I haven't heard about the mussel tablets, and I tend to be quite sceptical when it comes to "alternative medicine". With the risk of stating the obvious, your joints typically ache because of your muscles.

E.g., if you have a slight muscle pain in your calfs or your quads, your body will try to compensate in the way you walk or run, and that compensation will often lead to an achy knee.

Do you stretch carefully after each run? Do you give your body time to recover? Do you make sure to take it easy enough on your runs that you don't end up in pain? You might also want to look into gentle exercises to strengthen your leg and lower back muscles. I *thnk* that will give you more benefits than green lipped mussels.

You mention being a veggie... do you make sure to get enough protein to help your body rebuild the muscles in your legs? Most vegetarians I know tend to be more aware of their diet than meat eaters, but I thought it would be worth mentioning.

Finally... congratulations with being nearly there!


My husband has been taking glucosamine and condroitin combined tablets for several years, ever since the consultant who did his knee surgery recommended them. May start on them too. :)


I only take one thing and that's a daily fish oil capsule (omega 3). My doctor (when I had one) recommended it for my painful arthritic big toe. If I forget, the pain in my big toe reminds me to take it!

I used to get joint pain in my fingers. I had it very bad at one point but once I gave up drinking fruit juice it cleared up. I had switched to fruit juice after giving up the booze. Now I've given up fruit juices of any kind I'm absolutely fine

Being a vegetarian shouldn't make any difference to your running as long as you eat healthily.

Good luck!


Thank you all for your kind advice.

Thomas I need to stretch after my running. I normally just do the 5 minute warm up and then 5 minute cool down followed with an hour long dog walk after each run. I think stretches will have to become part of my exercise regime! I do eat lots of fish and quorn. However, I do not use cow's milk any more (I tend to use almond milk instead). Also, I may look into the fish oil or glucosamine tablets as an 'extra' to help my joints.

Thanks again lovely ladies and gents for your kind support. :-)


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