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I wasn't sure I was going to make it but I did. My legs just wanted to stop for a two minute walk. I think I was expecting to do the usual 2/3min walk but I kept my pace and did the whole 20mins and covered 2.7k! Wooo!!

I manage to keep my pace as well, then when I had two minutes left, used up the energy I had saved and went for it!! Felt so good going at a faster pace for the last two minutes too!

Looking forward to the next week of podcasts.

*18 days until 3k charity run*

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woo-hoo! Really well done ! :D

I really hope i am posting the same thing on Friday or Saturday....was you anxious/nervous? I am dreading the 20 minute run.



Well done! It does come together :) good luck with your charity run, I bet you'll do great :)

Happy running :)


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