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30min and 5k - so happy!


I posted a few days ago about really struggling with week 7. So I listened to all the great advice and ditched the regular podcast (sorry, Laura!) - instead I just used my iPod, with Nike +, to keep track of time. This morning was my last run before my holidays. It was a beautiful morning - cool but sunny - and definitely also helped by the fact that I didn't need to rush to work afterwards. I was determined to do the full 25min properly so I vowed not to even look at my iPod until I'd run for 5 or 6 tracks. Everything went perfectly - yes, I was tired, but the music was uplifting - I'm sure I was singing loudly! I kept reminding myself to slow down and breathe. When I looked at the iPod, I was at 24min so I pushed myself to keep going for one final track, and then a tiny bit more. At the end of that I was overjoyed to see that I had run for 30min and had covered 5.14km!! I walked back to my starting point with a huge grin on my face - so happy I almost cried!

So I'm packing my running shoes and heading off for a change of scenery, but knowing that I've made it to week 8 and graduation is definitely possible now!

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Wow, that is really well done! Graduation is not only possible, it is certain, as long as you keep going out for a run the last few times. Congratulations!


Fantastic! Great time/distance too. Enjoy your holiday!

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