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So, after a 6 day break, I came back tonight with W3R3. I have been on a diving trip, so you're not supposed to do "proper" exercise after diving, so I had to take a little break whilst away, however I got back late last night so after work tonight this was my first get back out there run.


First mistake was to run almost straight after dinner, with only about a 20 minute let it go down period, not a good move.

I went to my local secluded school playing field, only to find three youth football matches about to start. Undaunted I decided not to run away, and to do the run as usual, but use the unused part of the field so as not to get in the way of the football. This is a good thing because I've been scared to face people when running up to now, especially on the walking stages.

Anyway, I did the first 90 secs running and the same walking and got half way through the first run, when I made it round to the football side of the field. Vanity won out and I increased my pace whilst going past them. Stupid, because just increasing the pace for that minute or so really hit me for the rest of the session. I won't be doing that again.

I found it generally hard tonght, mostly because of kicking on like an idiot, but also the short break made a surprising difference.

My weeks are now out of sync, because of the diving, so Wednesday will infast be W4R1 - I've seen the synopsis, and that scares me :)

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Make that Thursday for W4R1...


Don't be scared! You completed your session today despite not having run for a while, just having had your dinner and running a bit too fast in the middle! That is greYou will be fine on Thursday, just slow it down and go before you eat :-)


I posted half way through an edit! Meant to write 'that is great going, if not ideal'!


Don't look ahead lol! Well done you for going for it despite the crowd! You did your run inspite of the problems of dinner/pace etc so you should be proud. Trust Laura, she won't push you to hard, you'll be able to do it! Anyway diving should make you fit to start with. I did it for a few years before children and the weight of that gear was incredible. Just standing around in it was endurance at it's best lol! Happy running x


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