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W8R3: Completed!

After a few recent pacing issues, I managed to slow down a bit and ran for 31.09 minutes as I was enjoying myself so much. I only stopped because I was running out of road!

I even had spare energy for an extra sprint at the end.

I covered 3.32 miles which is 5.3k, so I am VERY happy with that. I just cant really believe how far I have come since starting this process.

It is also very true what people have said on here about 'even the bad runs are good for you', as there is no way I would have managed today's run a week ago, and I have only had 1 successful run out of 3 in the past week as the other 2 were 'failures' where I had to stop and rest. I think we all need to stop using the word 'failure' when things go wrong, it should be banned!

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Ah good! Well done. I bet you feel quite warm and glowy after that. Good for you!


Wahey Maysie , well done ! :-) And you had some fuel left in the tank too , fab stuff :-)

Oh yes, we do not use the F word on here , it is banned , if you do, we send the boys round to rattle on your letterbox , so think on now :-)

Onwards to Graduation week , Good Luck ! :-) xxx


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