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GP practice manager paying attention

You could knock me down with a feather. I emailed our local GP practice manager about the programme after finding that my blood pressure had dropped significantly, but the nurse measuring it had never heard of C25K. I sent the approved pdf poster/sheet and the accompanying text and a link to the NHS site and a little bit about how it had helped me. I just got a very friendly email back saying thank you very much I have printed everything off and we will discuss it at our next practice meeting on Wednesday. Gosh, I am pleased, I never expected a response let alone a friendly one!

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That is a great response! This programme does work and has helped so many with lots of health issues. It surprises me how few GP know about it!



I can sort of understand when the public have not heard of it, but for NHS GP's to not know about it is quite astounding! (But somehow not surprising either).

One more GP now does though, so well done.


Great stuff. The more people hearing about c25k the better :)


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