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Me and my shadow

This morning on W2R1 I was joined by my daughter for our first run together. She's much like her mother so really important to get her exercising too. I hope she'll be up for it again on Wednesday. I'm trying to set an example and don't want to let her down (or any of the tutting C25K-ers standing at the foot of my bed in the morning... you know who you are!) So the run this morning went fine, I'm the usual red faced sweaty mess when I get home but hey not too many people around to see me that early in the morning. I'm on leave from work for the next two weeks so have time to recover and crack this so I get the jogging bug. SB x

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Well done SB it's great to get your daughter involved as long as she enjoys it. Mine is quite sporty and can't believe the transformation C25K has done on me. 10k today and my 5k was quicker than she has managed not bad considering a 34 year age gap. As for being red faced I wish it was just my face and I can lose 3lbs in sweat.

Good luck


Well done, a) for getting over week 1 and starting week 2 b) for taking your daughter with you, you are setting a really good example and I hope she will want to carry on. Enjoy the rest of your running week. From another red faced sweaty mess.....;)


That is fantastic you have got your daughter to join you. Its a great programme that does what is says on the tin and you won't regret starting this. Its great running outside too, i have got my partner running now too and he loves it. Good luck for wednesday, getting out the door is the hard part, just think of us wanting a full report on wednesday !


Wow, brilliant! I too throw myself out of bed and into my running gear. I don't brush my hair or anything and come back a red sweaty smiling mess :) Brilliant, isn't it?


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