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Week 5 Run 2

This morning I managed to get through my W5R2!!! I originally started the C25K programme in Jan 2013 but stopped in July 2013 on week7 because of the heat wave and knee injury. A friend recommended seeing a Sports Massage got my knee and see what they suggest as the Drs just said to do Quad exercises.

My right knee is still painful but otherwise getting through the weeks easier than expected. During todays run, I did want to scream at Laura. First 8min run at ' you are half way' I wanted to just burst into a giant 'agggghhh' and the same on the second run!! I managed to get through it by pacing myself - I had to suddenly slow down after my first couple of minutes when I realised I was going to fast to be able to finish alive!

Today though, and not for the first time, my face really stung by sides of my nose/cheeks. I think it was the sweat stinging my face? It doesn't hurt now after a good shower and moisturiser later. Does anyone else get this???

I am looking forward to my massage tomorrow but have no idea what to expect (apart from pain)!!

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Well done for picking this up again. I think it's right to listen to your body and run at a comfortable pace. As for sweating I find if it gets in my eyes they sting like hell. Good luck


Well done on getting this far, and with a knee injury :/ listening to your body is a very important learning curve. It is not about 'killing yourself' to me, it is about having a go, not giving up.

My face stings sometimes, think as you rightly guess it is sweating :/

Good luck with your continuing progress :)


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