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Week 4 done

Week 4 done.......and I'm happy.

Really please and looking forward to week 5!

One thing though, as I've worked through the weeks I've noticed I seem to have a better run on day 1 and 3. Run 1 might be tough but have completed with head high. Run 3 of the weeks I seem to keep a good tempo and clearly cover more distance.

But stuck in the middle, it feels like a struggle. Huff and puff to complete without getting into any rhythm.

Anyway happy with tonight, looking forward to Monday.

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Well done on completing Week 4 :-)

I was exactly the same , Run 1 is always new and exciting and I always enjoyed Run 3 cos it meant the end of that weeks runs, but Run 2 , I always find it a bit " meh "

Anyway, job done, onwards to Week 5, Good Luck ! :-) xxx


Well done on completing w4 :)


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