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Graduated, 5k park run. Have only run once since!

I graduated two saturdays ago with a 5k park run. My normal speed would have resulted in a 35 minute run, but I pushed myself and made 29 mins 15 secs! The 30 minute marker runner really helped. Unfortunately I think I pushed myself too hard, and then it rained. I got soaked and cold pretty quickly. So we had a nice cup of tea in the cafe, which was full of runners and humidity and the perfect vector for disease! I was feeling poorly by tea time and was off work all week with a weird virus which affected my centre of balance.

Anyway, all better now, but it's knocked my motivation. I got back to it on Thursday after 12 days of no runs, and only managed 15 minutes. It's amazing how quickly you lose it. I'm hoping to get back up to 30 minutes fairly quickly though. Any tips? I'd had my heart set on working smoothly towards a 10k, but it will have to wait a bit longer!

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Sorry to hear about your bug. You're better now though so you can get to it. Run every other day which allows rest in between. You could do the C25k+ podcasts (still with Laura) - these are 3 podcasts designed to get you moving on towards a 10 k training plan. You can download the 3 podcasts from here and also the Bridge to 10 k podcasts with Sami Murphy. You could download a full and detailed 10 k training plan from myasics. These are excellent. I loved Sami Murhpy though. The music's great!

There is no rush for any of this though. A training plan for progression is a good idea, but there is no time limit, so you can go at your own pace and do it safely. The last thing you need is to be injured.

10 k is a demanding undertaking but thousands of us have made it. Good luck!


bug sounds grim but good you are better now...I would say just build it up gradually and it won't be long...and then you can concentrate on increasing your long runs to get up to the 10k...good luck :)


Sorry you've been ill - just build up gradually and you will soon be back to form. Thes viruses can really take it out of you.


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