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Well I was dreading it but I did it and I did it with ease! I can't believe it. I found the running for 3 mins better and really wanted to carry on but I didn't. I listened to previous advice and I stopped when I was supposed to.

Tomorrow I'm going for gait analysis as I'm still struggling a little with sore ankles but I think they may be getting a little better. I also feel like I'm running a bit wobbly on the treadmill???? Don't know if I am or not so hopefully they can advise me.

Feeling really positive.

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I had the gait analysis done this week and got a shiny new pair of runners. Keep it up. Sounds like you are doing well :-)

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I'm just a couple of runs ahead of you and I know what you mean. Sometimes you think you can do a bit more. I have resisted and stuck to the programme. So when you are worrying about the next progression (we all do that right?) just remember you already had reserves!


Thank u Binkibelle. Feeling great today. Went for my gait test and my run is apparently very good. I dip very slightly inwards but my technique is good! Am shocked as it felt like I was wobbling all over the place. I reckon it must be my wobbly bum I can feel .


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