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Week 8 Run 2 Not Sure What Happened

Not sure what happened today but not only did I manage to run non stop again for 28 minutes but when I looked down on my watch it was over 30 minutes. Now thinking do I do another 30 minutes rather than going back to 28 minutes and see if I can.

Woohooo so the answer for me is not to look at my watch and just listen to the music. I've slowed my pace down to 12.45 minutes per mile and felt very relaxed. thanks for your support

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I can honesty say that I wouldn't have been able to get as far as I have if it wasn't for the music planing away in my ears. I find it a real motivator, even the cheesy stuff on the podcasts is better than silence!

Well done, just be careful you don't injure yourself by doing too much too soon!


That's brilliant Katrina as you obviously have power left "in the tank".

However I would stick with the programme as you wouldn't want to get an injury at this late stage. I know it's "only" 2 minutes but the programme says 28 minutes in week 8 for a reason and we don't want to argue with Laura do we?

We look forward to hearing about your last few runs and graduation.


It strange isn't it - I certainly had power in the tank this time. I'm using the Lauren app - just been using the paper plan and like Maysie been listening to cheesy tunes. Today, the song that got me going was Firestarter by Prodigy, a bit of Slade and the Monster Munch song lol xx

Thanks for the support and will keep you posted. I've actually been doing this programme longer than 9 weeks as I stupidly sprained my ankle walking and had to stop running for four weeks and then go back two into the programme xx


woopss typo error that should say not using the app xxx


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