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Well, its official, I'm definitely not as good at this running lark early in the morning!

I did this run this morning before work, after I had been up about 90 minutes, and just like last week I found it much harder work than the first run of the week.

For some reason I take a bit of getting going, the second half of the run went much better than the first. I am trying to find a constant rhythmn but I find each time I run, I seem to get faster during the segment, which can't be good really :)

Anyway, on to Friday and hopefully run three of the week, I'm heading into Scotland tomorrow for a long weekend diving, and diving and exercise on the same day don't always mix, but I am hoping to fit the run in there somewhere...

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I'm with you there. I hate early morning anything and prefer running any other time of day. But you did it, so really well done.

Running in Scotland? Fabulous. Think of the lovely scenery!


Don't worry at all about run rhythm. It will find you when you least expect it. Just stay nice and slow, and you'll get round, which is all you need to worry about. Finishing is all!

Good luck, have fun!

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Even most seasoned runners find the first five or ten minutes hard going, until they hit a rhythm, so you are in good company. Starting off slowly and increasing your speed in the second half of a run is the way professionals approach running. So all in all, you sound like a natural. Well done on your progress and enjoy your diving.

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I always go early in the morning before work, but like you struggle initially and only feel I am getting into the groove in the 2nd half of the run! good luck on Friday :-)


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