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Post-holiday runs

Graduated a couple of weeks ago, just before going to Greece for two weeks holiday. Managed four runs while I was away, but no more than 3k - even at 6.30am, the heat and humidity were too much. Came home last Friday having gained half a stone, and first run on Saturday was terrible - 4k, but with numerous 30 second - 1 minute walking periods, and thus very slow. Monday was better, still only 4k (and 28 minutes) but with only 3 little walks. This morning just felt right as soon as I started (couple of good gym sessions have helped, I think) and I managed 5k with no rest periods, in just short of 35 minutes - not a personal best by any means, but my word it felt fantastic to know that I could still do it! Onward and upward now - until Christmas anyway.

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Great stuff! Those extra few pounds don't half make a difference. I put weight on last week and boy did I suffer for it. This week it's gonna come off or else

I have been running 3 k's as part of my training for a race at the end of August. I love them! Quick, speedy dashes (well speedy for me that is). They don't half make you feel livened up.

Keep up with the running and you'll stay fit, healthy and motivated. Good luck


I'm in Turkey and finding it far too hot to run for 5K even when it is dark! I'm just accepting that I will have to build up to 5K again when I get home.


Yes, and the relaxing vibe, rich food and perhaps a little extra drink don't help either.... Good thing is that it comes back more quickly than you might expect. enjoy your holiday.


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