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Week 7

Sort of done it twice, now! the first time,I set my timer for 27 mins - no idea why, but I couldn't access my word document cos needed a new charger for my laptop and just though it was 27! I didn't DO 27, I just listened to my own music and off I went. When I could run no more I stopped to look at my timer,still had over two mins to go - and the very first part was uphill so really didn't run the first minute - surprised be how close I was, though!

That was Wednesday 1 week ago. then wasn't well - hubby had tummy bug, and I felt sick, then on mon it was really windy. So off I went yesterday, this time with Laura. still very windy - fine when it's behind you - awful when you're heading straight into it! Really struggled with the last few mins, but just about managed it! Had to walk further home, tho!

Think I'll repeat it more than once to get more confidence to do week 8!

First time I've done a route that took me over the river( - for Beek's benefit!)!

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Confidence is a great thing to carry with you into W8, so a repeat is a great idea, but if you have completed the runs then you will probably find the next runs easy enough.

Well done. Good luck.


Aah our lovely River Wharfe! Go on then, I'll share it with you. (Used to call it 'My' river!) I love going to the other side of the river - no traffic there!

Happy running!


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