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First run in the rain

Week 8 run 3 this morning, left the house in dry but cloudy conditions to do a kind of t shaped route that involves running past my house about halfway through then turning back home. Anyway, the heavens opened and I had to run past my lovely warm dry house and keep running further away despite the teeming rain. It really went against all instinct to run away from shelter when it was absolutely pouring and for those who say they enjoy running in the rain - ARE YOU MAD? It is drippy, clammy and cold while at the same time sweaty and afterwards you can't take off wet clammy tight fitting clothing without desperate contortions. Particularly crop-top style sports bras. Anyway, I finished the run and week 8 and have now dried off, cooled down and thawed out various bits of me. Now I can enjoy it!

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We all like running in the rain. You don't think you will at first but you'll come to appreciate the cooling rain when you're feeling overheated. You could get yourself a peaked baseball cap which will bounce off the worst of it and keep it off your face

The running gear is designed to repel water and our shoes to allow water to pass through our shoes and run away so we're not squelching. Get a lightweight water repellent running jacket (cheapo from Aldi, Lidl, Primark etc) and that will help. You don't want to wear clothes that hang on to and soak up the rain. It doesn't need to be expensive. I have a day-glo yellow and a shocking pink running jackets and both were very cheap. They're fine though

I wore a hat and jacket on my last run as it was pouring down but I had to take both off as I was too hot. I just put em back on for the walk home


I was wearing a baseball cap and I do have a jacket but it was always going to be too warm for it so it was in the coat cupboard at home. It was really torrential though, maybe a bit less rain would have been more bearable, I bow to your experience and look forward to enjoying it.


It was hot out there again today. Overcast so it's deceiving! When it's driving rain it gets all in your face and you can't see where you're going very well so having a cap does deflect it somewhat. I wear specs so it can be hellish.


Hi Rosebery , yep another vote here for running in the rain , BUT not a torrential downpour , just a light /medium drizzle. Cools all your bits down lovely ! :-)

Totally agree with your point regarding trying to get your gear off when youre all sweaty and also when you get soaked with the rain . I have ended up in some right tangles trying to get my sports bra top off ha ha :-) xxx


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