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Slowest 5k ever - but it's all mine


Drove to a nearby reservoir this morning for a run. My other half came along and did a bit of walk/running as well, but I was on week 8 run 2. I forgot to start Mapmyrun until I had been running for a few minutes so the distance for the 28 minutes was never going to be right. Anyway, I did the 28 minutes and carried on. And on. And on. Until the Mapmyrun lady said I had done 5K. It was ridiculously slow at about 10 minutes a kilometre but even my husband agreed that I was performing a running motion so I am going to call it running 5k. in fact it was a bit more due to not starting the app when I started running. Yay! Maybe I could do a Parkrun soon - right at the back of course! The promised storm never materialised and we now have brilliant sunshine in Cornwall.

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Brilliant to have done 5k at whatever speed! I graduated last week but have still not run a full 5k. Walked one yesterday just to check out a route and plan to run it tomorrow. I am expecting it to take at least 45 mins because I am a bit of a tortoise but who cares! Well done.


Fantastic achievement on reaching 5k. That's an amazing run. Well done :)



I have participated in several 5ks but have not fully run one. I do my final run with Laura tomorrow and feel confident that I ca fully run the 5k I booked for November.


It took me 45 minutes to complete my first 5k. So far I've only reduced that to 40 minutes. The main thing is you are running :-)


You've done great - you can definitely claim that 5k as your very own!

Good luck with the rest of your runs

:-) x


Well done, that is some achievement! It should also give you a confidence boost for the rest of your pre-graduation runs as well.


well done :)


Yep - that's yours to claim... doesn't matter how long it took - you RAN 5K... Well done!

It's some milestone that one - enjoy the glow!


Thanks everyone, it is a great boost to have people respond who have been there done that (and some, I am told even have the t-shirt!)


Yay you! Fabulous! And you haven't even finished the programme yet! You're a proper runner! Xx

Hey a 5k is a 5k! Well done.....we're not all gone usain bolt or a Olympic marathon runner....but we run that's the point and whether a 5k takes 20 minutes or an hour it's a 5k and that's what's important.

RoseberyGraduate in reply to Tattoojunkie30

Thanks Tattoojunkie30 I've done it again since then and 6 minutes quicker this time, planning on a Parkrun on Saturday 23rd for my graduation. Certainly no Usain Bolt or an Olympic runner but getting there.

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