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I graduated on Monday 4th August and have been doing the stepping stone from the NHS C25K + although last night I went to bed with a migrain and when I woke up this morning at 530 I still had to run or not to run?

Well I decided to go for it, endorphins and all that malarkey, but due to my fuzziness I played the wrong podcast and ended up doing the speed podcast which is interval training. Crumbs!

It was great. I enjoyed it and my migrain is now a headache and hopefully going to disappear!

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Perhaps you have made a significant discovery about containing migraines? Glad you are feeling a bit less awful, hope it clears soon.


A very brave decision to go out and give it a try - I'm so glad it worked for you and hope that you have a day when you can function a bit now :)

I've never had a migraine, but have witnessed just how debilitating they can be.


I'm impressed! I don't think I could have dragged myself out on a run with a migraine, but respect to you for doing it. And it's great to read that it seemingly worked. Hope it goes away completely soon.


Thank you all. I did load myself up with some ibuprofen and co-codydromol prior to my run, maybe the extra O2 intake and increased in my circulation help them to get into my system more effectively?! Even though I'm a bit nervous to speak too soon, my pain is nearly 100% gone! I've even done all the housework and changed the beds!! have a great Saturday all of you. ☀️

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